Effective Use Of Linking Words

We have to understand that in a good paragraph words within a sentence should appear in the best possible order so that the sentences within a paragraph read properly you should also be able to connect sentences between themselves so there should be a good connection between sentences itself okay a good writer always remember Read More

Outline For Argumentative Essay

Your argument is your outline okay now remember we talked a little bit this last time and we we gave the example of the extended arguments one of the critical tools to writing a strong essay is to develop a strong argumentative outline now here I should mention there’s sort of two different things going Read More

Conclusion and Restatement

When you conclude your essay then conclusion of an essay should start with the restatement of the thesis statement in other words the topic which you have been given and you should include words like to conclude to sum up also don’t write things like you know in you know like some people say according Read More

Places to Visit in Scotland

Of all the countries in the United Kingdom, one of the largest territories is Scotland. It is a land filled with rich history and culture. In fact, you will still find remnants of a grand history in the form of various castles and fortresses spread all throughout the nation. If you are ever in this Read More

Good Study Tips – How To Study For Exams

Here is one of the good study tips if math is involved: Instead of using a large number of problems where one equation is used, make a problem list where many equations have to be considered. By approaching the subject matter from different angles, it is as though your brain will benefit from multiple “anchor” Read More

Watership Down, By Richard Adams

Book Review I first read this book when I was twelve years old and recently I pulled it from the shelf for a reread, due in part to discovering it had a sequel (but that’s another review). It was a pleasure to find it held up and remained engaging even after all these years, few Read More

Particulars Review 3

Did any/all of you had prior knowledge and/or experience that essentially became the basis of the particles in the game? or was it one of those things where you genuinely had an interest on the subject and everything just went on from there? As mentioned before, I had the prior experience here. there is still Read More

Particulars Review 2

Makes Science Enjoyable I recommend this game to kids. It has the ability to make them curious about physics. I am more of a life science type of gal, such as biology and paleontology in terms of scientific knowledge and interest. Having said that, I had to wikipedia what a quark is as well as Read More

Particulars Review

Some levels of the game, as I have mentioned, looked like a war is about to happen between the particles. These levels are actually one of my favorites because I can grab a couple of particles and use them as shield against the evil anti dark quarks legions! I felt bad but it must be Read More