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Watership Down, By Richard Adams

Book Review I first read this book when I was twelve years old and recently I pulled it from the shelf for a reread, due in part to discovering it had a sequel (but that’s another review). It was a pleasure to find it held up and remained engaging even after all these years, few Read More

Particulars Review 3

Did any/all of you had prior knowledge and/or experience that essentially became the basis of the particles in the game? or was it one of those things where you genuinely had an interest on the subject and everything just went on from there? As mentioned before, I had the prior experience here. there is still Read More

Particulars Review 2

Makes Science Enjoyable I recommend this game to kids. It has the ability to make them curious about physics. I am more of a life science type of gal, such as biology and paleontology in terms of scientific knowledge and interest. Having said that, I had to wikipedia what a quark is as well as Read More